Neck and Upper Back Pain

Neck & Upper Back Pain Relief

Neck and upper back pain are one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints in Australia today.

Common causes can include:

  • poor posture and sitting jobs,
  • trauma,
  • jaw problems effecting the neck,
  • too much time spent looking down at books, iPads and phones. 

We place neck pain into two main musculoskeletal categories. Simple muscle or joint pains and disc problems. The majority of the patients we see with chronic neck and upper back pain have simple muscle and joint pains that have continued on for years to decades. These patients normally come to us very frustrated because they know they have a problem but scans don’t show any significant issues. Assessing how muscles and joints are functioning is not possible with MRI, CT scan or X-ray.

Disc problems can respond well with conservative Osteopathic treatment, assisting their recovery. They just take longer than simple joint problems. Disc problems generally take 6 weeks, from the time of your first treatment here, for a significant improvement. Some patients are relatively pain free after 6 weeks, others can take 3 months before they are 90%+ improved. No one treatment will achieve the desired result with all disc problems, some patients just need surgery.

Why we are different? The Osteopaths here use a system called Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP). ODP assesses and treats the muscle of the neck and pelvis differently. In our clinical experience,  to achieve long term relief from chronic neck pain or disc problems, it’s very important to effectively diagnose and treat the pelvis as well as the neck. The pelvis is like the foundation of a building. If its not functioning properly then the spine above changes how it functions.

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