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We offer a wide array of sports injury treatments, in all parts of the body. From muscle strains, to ankle sprains, to tendinopathies and more. Our patients range from weekend warriors to Olympic gold medalists. Sports injuries occur for many reasons including trauma, repetitive strain injuries and, increasing training too rapidly. Recurrent injuries or injuries which fail to heal and become chronic may result from altered biomechanics throughout the body. In particular, the ankles, pelvis and neck. In our practice we have found these three areas are key in influencing how the rest of the body functions.

Why are we different for sports injury treatments?  The Osteopaths here use a system called Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP). The aim of ODP is to diagnose and treat the root cause of the biomechanical dysfunction, by assessing the pelvis and the neck differently. Often the muscle or joint that is painful isn’t the underlying cause of the problem. For example, if you hopped to work on one leg you could have pain in your; ankle, knee, hip, back or neck. What’s painful often isn’t the cause but a symptom of how you are moving.

Tendinopathies can occur in a wide range of areas in the body; from plantar fasciitis in the foot, to runner’s knee, to hips, shoulders, tennis elbow etc. Our Osteopaths have further training in tendinopathies to provide you with the best care based on current medical evidence.

We offer sports injury treatments for all types of athletes. We have found ODP to work particularly well with cyclists. Bikes are symmetrical, so when a very asymmetrical person sits on a symmetrical bike for hours at a time to do exercise, it’s not surprising they can end up in pain. We work with some of the leading bike fit/setup people in SE QLD to maximise function and minimise pain for cyclists. No treatment will fix every patient.  We have treated competitive cyclists who have been ready to give up riding, because they have seen numerous practitioners and still can’t ride due to pain. They have responded dramatically to ODP, enabling them to ride again without back or groin pain. To see how we can help with your sports injury treatment, book a session with Brisbane West Osteopath


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