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What We Do Differently at Our Osteopathic Treatment Centre?

At Brisbane West Osteopathy, we see many patients who have reached the end of their tether after trying multiple forms of treatment without success.
Our treatment approach aims to identify the underlying cause of your pain, rather than simply treating surface-level symptoms.
This approach involves deploying a unique diagnostic tool Dr Joachim Enevoldsen developed, called Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP).
ODP relies on a sophisticated understanding of biomechanics. It does this by helping us focus on two key regions: the neck and the pelvis. This is vital because the role of the pelvis in relation to back pain and cervicogenic pain is often poorly understood. However, just like buildings need foundations, the pelvis can be considered the critical foundation of your body. In other words, if your pelvis is misaligned or dysfunctional, your spine develops maladaptive ways to cope. This results in pain, discomfort and/or limitations to your mobility.
Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP).
Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre
Dr Enevoldsen has taught ODP to osteopaths across Australia since 2015, having held seminars in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
In that time, he’s received extensive positive feedback from osteopaths he’s taught. That’s because these osteopaths have reported better patient outcomes as a direct result of using ODP.
As a result, Joachim is currently writing a textbook designed to help practitioners diagnose and treat patients using ODP. Read on below to find out how he developed ODP.

Dr Enevoldsen’s Breakthrough

“As an osteo, you are treating through different layers. It’s a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion until you get to the source of the problem.”
– Dr Enevoldsen
When Joachim had only been practising for a couple of years, he noticed a pattern in chronic pain sufferers, which he couldn’t explain. One day he was treating a woman in her late 30’s who suffered chronic back pain. This woman worked outdoors and had injured her back years earlier, falling from a tree. To treat her, Joachim first realigned her pelvis. But this initially made her feel worse. All of a sudden he realised that something else was compensating for her pelvic dysfunction. That ‘something else,’ he recognised, was her neck.
Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP)

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