Scoliosis Treatment Brisbane

Scoliosis Treatment Brisbane


Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine of more than 10 degrees. No person’s spine is ever completely straight. Everyone has some sideways curvature even if it’s only very slight. Often patients have been told they a have a scoliosis when they actually don’t, because their sideways curvature is less than 10 degrees.

Approximately 25% of scoliosis have a known cause such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, structurally short leg, or a hemivertebrae (partially formed vertebrae that’s wedge shaped rather than square).

The other 75% are termed idiopathic, which means there’s no known cause. In every idiopathic scoliosis we’ve treated here, we’ve observed the same pattern of asymmetry through one side of the pelvis. Certain muscles; Gluteus Medius and Maximus, Multifidus, Iliopsoas, Obliquus Internus, are all significantly overactive through one side of the pelvis and lower back. This causes the pelvis to rotate forward on that side. Because the hip joints are at the front of the pelvis, when the pelvis rotates forward on one side it moves the thigh and leg downwards. This creates a leg that’s 1-2.5cm longer on the same side.

The Sacroiliac joints of the pelvis only have about 1.5mm of movement. The leg length difference, of 1-2.5cm, comes from the general position of the pelvis and the hip joint moving downwards. The leg is not physically longer, it just appears that way because of the pelvic pattern. If you lie someone with scoliosis on their stomach and put their legs together you will be able to see this. People do have differences in the length of their feet but there will be a significant difference in leg lengths coming from the pelvis. It’s like someone walking with a shoe on, on the affected side and no shoe on the other foot. This creates a pelvis that is not level. The pelvis is higher on the side of the long leg, the spine bends to that side in an attempt to keep the eyes level.


Pelvic pattern causing a relatively long left leg.

Same patient 3 minutes later after treatment on the pelvis

In our opinion, scoliosis in the spine is the bodies way of trying to even out the imbalance through the pelvis, to keep the persons eyes level. There is a mechanism between the eyes and the brain where the body always tries to keep the eyes level with the horizon (it may be broken in Britney Spears). The body will always change the position of the spine and create a curvature of the spine to keep the eyes level.

Scoliosis can be an S shape or a C shape. The main curve will always be to the side on the long leg. For example, with an S shape, the lower spine will bend towards the side on the long leg (high side of the pelvis) to make the spine shorter on that side, then it will bend back to keep the eyes level above. With a C shape, the middle of the back will bend towards the side of the long leg.

Scoliosis patients will always have a higher shoulder on the opposite side to the long leg/higher side of the pelvis. If you stand behind someone with a Scoliosis, who is not wearing a shirt, this is easy to see.

One of the reasons scoliosis is not always managed well is the scoliosis treatment focuses on the spine. In our opinion, the spine is merely a symptom of the pelvic pattern. The scoliosis treatment Brisbane needs to start at what is causing the curve in the first place: the pelvic pattern. Focusing on the spine in Scoliosis is like cleaning up the water from a dripping tap. You are treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Properly treating the pelvis is like changing the washer of a tap. It treats the problem at its cause.

Our scoliosis treatment Brisbane uses a method called Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP), which diagnoses and treats the pelvis and neck differently. The earlier you treat a person with scoliosis the better the outcome. Scoliosis normally develops and becomes noticeable during the teenage growth spurt. Once the bones have grown in a certain shape, the person will always have a scoliosis on X-ray. Treating the underlying cause may stop the scoliosis progressing and in some cases, even reduce the scoliosis. Even if the treatment halts the progression but doesn’t reduce the scoliosis it may still; improve function, decrease pain and reduce possible future complications of the scoliosis. Call our osteopathy practice to talk about your scoliosis treatment Brisbane options.

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