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Tried everything but still in pain? SEE OUR OSTEOPATHS in the suburb neighbouring Toowong to SEE HOW WE may be able to HELP.

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Book a consultation online and we can discuss your osteopathic needs


Book an appointment online and visit of Osteopath near Toowong for your initial diagnosis. 


After your initial diagnosis our osteopath will go on to treat your injury as well as underlying conditions causing your pain. (usually 3-5 treatments needed). 


After completion of your treatment plan, our goal it to achieve long lasting pain relief and condition management. 

Why Choose Us?

Centrally located in Bardon, Brisbane West Osteopath is located only a few minutes drive from Toowong.

Our osteopaths near Toowong are fully qualified and experienced and use a unique and a treatment model called the Osteo Diagnostic Platform. 

Using this platform, our osteopaths near Toowong look beyond your site of pain and dig deeper, uncovering and underlying conditions or ailments causing your pain.

The goal of this method is to accurately diagnose and treat the cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms.

Our osteopaths near Toowong treat all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions including complex and chronic pain ailments

Our Osteo Diagnostic Platform

The osteo diagnostic platform used by our osteopaths near Toowong looks beyond the site of your pain and focuses on underlying conditions or ailments that may be causing this pain. By using this platform, we look at your body as a whole rather than just one area. Numerous patients have found this beneficial, particularly those with chronic pain.

Osteopath Toowong

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