Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment


Joachim became interested in tongue and lip ties after his first son Eric was born with significant tongue and lips ties. Prior to this, like most health practitioners he knew very little about tongue ties. Eric had serious issues with breast feeding. He was struggling to feed and Joachim’s wife Melissa was having significant pain every feed. It was taking its toll on the family and was very distressing for Melissa.

Eric had his tongue cut with scissors, but it was still problematic. He had it cut with scissors again and his lip was lasered at the same time. This made more of an improvement. Both Eric and Melissa were so distressed with the situation, it all became too difficult. Melissa expressed milk for another 10 months, which was amazing of her but not ideal.

After seeing the significant distress and pain it had caused his wife and son, he undertook further study in the diagnosis and treatment of tongue and lip ties. The tongue is a muscle. When one muscle isn’t functioning properly the surrounding muscles compensate and change their function. This is why we perform gentle treatment on the muscles around the face and neck before and after the tongue and lip tie releases.

Tongue ties are passed on genetically. Joachim didn’t realise he had tongue and lip ties until the issues with his son Eric. He had them lasered as an adult so he could better experience what his patients were going through and better explain to parents of children having the procedures done. Joachim never liked the way his speech sounded and this effected his self-esteem. The tongue and lip tie releases have noticeably improved his speech and this has made a difference to his life as an adult.

Joachim’s second son Alex was born in 2019. After diagnosing tongue and lip ties they were lasered at Enhance Dentistry when Alex was a newborn. The difference the laser treatment and the gentle Osteopathic work made to the process was chalk and cheese. The pain Melissa had with breast feeding resolved within a few weeks. Alex gained weight at a significantly higher rate than the normal curve. Melissa enjoyed breast feeding rather than being constantly distressed and distraught.

Joachim treats tongue tie patients of all ages (although mostly babies) before and after tongue and lip tie releases. Joachim doesn’t do the releases but refers to Enhance Dentistry at Milton for the procedures. No manipulation (cracking) is performed on babies or children. Only very gentle techniques are used to treat babies and children.

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