Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Pain Relief


Lower back pain affects over 80% of the population at some time in their life. Pain lasting for more than three months is defined as chronic pain. Sciatica is pain referred from the lower back into the thigh and leg. There are numerous causes for lower back pain and sciatica. The pain can originate from a more serious lower back problem such as a disc bulge or bone spur or from a simple joint or muscle pain.

Often even chronic lower back pain can be caused by a muscle or simple joint pain that has failed to recover because of dysfunction in other areas. Very commonly this dysfunction is in the pelvis. The sacroiliac joints of the pelvis only have a few millimeters of movement. Even so, there is evidence to suggest their influence is key in chronic pain and dysfunction of the muscles of the lower back. Particularly if there has been previous trauma. We all have falls throughout our life, many of which we don’t recall but which can leave their effect.

The Osteopaths at Brisbane West Osteopath use a system called Osteo Diagnostic Platform (ODP). ODP assesses and treats the pelvis and lower back differently. Rather than just treating the painful structure, the goal here is to provide long term relief by correcting the underlying biomechanical cause.

Disc bulges have the capacity to heal. We frequently see patients with chronic pain from disc bulges which have failed to recover, some even despite surgery. Correcting the underlying biomechanical cause can give the disc a chance to recover. Regardless if the lower back pain is acute or chronic, caused by a disc bulge or simple joint problem, contact us and see how we may be able to help.

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